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Laurie Voss Nov 7, 2023

LlamaIndex news special edition: OpenAI developer day!

Hello Llama fans!

Yesterday was a big day in the world of LLMs; OpenAI held their developer day conference and there were a slew of new features. The team were all hands on deck to bring support for these features to the library as fast as possible — which is to say, the same day!

In case you missed our tweet about it, if you install the latest build of LlamaIndex you’ll get everything below:

Support for two new models released today

  • gpt-4-1106-preview , aka GPT-4 Turbo, the latest GPT-4 model with improved instruction following, JSON mode, reproducible outputs, parallel function calling, and a 128,000 token context window
  • gpt-4-vision-preview , aka GPT 4 Turbo with vision with long-awaited multimodal support, has the ability to understand images in addition to all the other GPT-4 Turbo capabilities.

You can use these models just as you would any other OpenAI model:

from llama_index.llms import OpenAI
from llama_index import VectorStoreIndex, SimpleDirectoryReader, ServiceContext

llm = OpenAI(model="gpt-4-1106-preview")
service_context = ServiceContext.from_defaults(llm=llm)
documents = SimpleDirectoryReader("data").load_data()
index = VectorStoreIndex.from_documents(
    documents, service_context=service_context

Azure OpenAI endpoints

Check out the OpenAI Azure notebook for examples.

New embeddings abstractions

Including Azure embeddings.

Function calling

Check out our notebook for examples.

SEC insights

Our demo of the power of retrieval-augmented generation for financial filings, SEC Insights, has been updated to use the latest version of GPT-4! Watch as you instantly get deeper insights and more relevant responses.

Look out for more OpenAI updates soon! Our regular newsletter will also be posted tomorrow.