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Mikayel Jan 11, 2024

Free Advanced RAG Certification course with Activeloop and LlamaIndex

Master LlamaIndex with our course developed in collaboration with Activeloop, TowardsAI, & Intel. Learn to apply advanced retrieval across industries in 40+ lessons. This is a guest post from Activeloop.

LlamaIndex is proud to collaborate with Activeloop, Towards AI, and the Intel Disruptor Initiative to offer a free course on “Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation for Production,” a part of the Gen AI 360: Foundational Model Certification series. This comprehensive course takes a hands-on approach to applying RAG techniques across various industries, including legal, biomedical, healthcare, e-commerce, and finance.

The free course is designed for practical learning and invites participants to tackle real business challenges, such as developing a multi-modal AI shopping assistant. The course has over 40 lessons, 7 interactive projects, and 2 hours of video content, including from LlamaIndex CEO Jerry Liu. In 20+ hours of learning, the curriculum is geared towards enabling GenAI tinkerers, professionals, and executives to apply LlamaIndex and Deep Lake, Activeloop’s database for AI in production. Participants who complete the course will be awarded a certificate at no cost.

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, leveraging Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) tools like Llamalndex & Deep Lake by Activeloop is essential for enterprises seeking a competitive edge in GenAI. This course is tailored to quickly upskill your team in GenAI workflows, emphasizing the integration of Activeloop’s advanced features like Deep Memory with Llamalndex for unmatched retrieval accuracy. It’s a strategic investment to enhance your team’s capabilities, ensuring your enterprise stays at the forefront of AI innovation

- Jerry Liu, CEO & Co-Founder, LlamaIndex

Highlighted projects across several industries:

  • Healthcare: Advanced RAG for Pill Searching. Combine cutting-edge NLP and computer vision techniques to build an AI app that recognizes pills from images, and lists their side effects and instructions to use. This project offers hands-on experience with the latest AI technologies like Segment Anything or GPT-4-vision.
  • Legal: Patent Generation and Search Engine. Gain practical knowledge in constructing a system like PatentPT, which incorporates a fine-tuned LLM to search or create patents. Learn how to build a meta-agent to smartly route user inquiries, ensuring a fluid chat experience with a database of 8 million USPTO patents for comprehensive retrieval and generation capabilities.
  • E-commerce: AI-Powered Shopping Assistant for Outfit Recommendations. Build a multi-modal AI assistant that curates outfit suggestions for any occasion, weather, or budget!

What will I learn?

  • Challenges with Naive RAG: We’ll address common issues such as low precision, recall, and suboptimal response generation. Strategies for refining data processing, enhancing embedding models, refining retrieval algorithms, and optimizing prompt usage will be explored to improve RAG system performance.
  • Advanced RAG with LlamaIndex: Delve into basic and advanced RAG methods using LlamaIndex. The course covers the essential aspects of LlamaIndex required for RAG application development, complemented by Activeloop’s Deep Memory module, which natively integrates seamlessly with LlamaIndex to enhance retrieval accuracy by an average of 22%. Topics will range from small to large-scale retrieval, handling structured and unstructured data, and querying techniques.
  • RAG Agents: This module focuses on the creation and application of RAG agents with LlamaIndex, including advanced querying, summarizing databases, and designing AI assistants using various APIs.

Production-grade apps: Learn to fine-tune the LlamaIndex RAG pipeline for professional deployment, evaluate RAG systems crafted with LlamaIndex, and ensure your models’ observability and effectiveness.

Here’s a brief introduction to the course by Louis Bouchard from TowardsAI team.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is ideal for aspiring AI professionals, executives, and enthusiasts eager to apply AI in practical scenarios. Whether you want to enhance your organization’s AI capabilities or expand your knowledge, this course offers valuable hands-on experience. A basic understanding of coding and Python is recommended.

Complimentary Free Trial of Deep Lake

As a part of the course, all course takers can redeem a free extended trial of one month for the Activeloop Starter and Growth plans by redeeming the GENAI360LLAMA promo code at checkout. Check out the following video to learn more.

Join thousands of AI engineers in mastering master Retrieval Augmented Generation with LlamaIndex. Enroll for free today!