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Simon Suo Jul 25, 2023

Data Agents + Zapier NLA

Joint blog by LlamaIndex team & Zapier NLA team

Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal assistant that can access your data and perform tasks for you?

Introducing LlamaIndex data agents, now more powerful with Zapier NLA. Within 5 lines of code, you can access the 5,000+ third party apps and over 30,000 actions on Zapier.

from llama_hub.tools.zapier.base import ZapierToolSpec
from llama_index.agent import OpenAIAgent

zapier_spec = ZapierToolSpec(api_key="sk-ak-your-key")
agent = OpenAIAgent.from_tools(zapier_spec.to_tool_list(), verbose=True)

agent.chat('Can you summarize the unread emails and send it to me on Slack?')