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LlamaIndex Oct 24, 2023

LlamaIndex newsletter 2023–10–24

Hello Llama Fans 🦙!

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🤩 First, the highlights:

  1. QueryFusionRetriever Launch: Inspired by Adrian Raudaschl’s RAG-Fusion, enhancing multiple query generation with LLMs. Tweet, Docs.
  2. Router Fine-Tuning: Our innovative router fine-tuning approach has achieved an outstanding 99% match rate, outpacing both the gpt-3.5’s 65% and the base model’s 12%. Tweet, Docs.
  3. Fusion Retriever Guide: Guide on building an advanced Fusion Retriever from scratch. Docs
  4. Amazon Bedrock LLMs and AI21 Labs LLMs: We have expanded our LLM compatibility, now seamlessly integrating with both Amazon Bedrock and AI21 Labs models.

✨ Feature Releases and Enhancements:

  • QueryFusionRetriever: We introduced the QueryFusionRetriever, inspired by Adrian Raudaschl’s work on RAG-Fusion. This retriever allows users to generate multiple queries with LLMs, run various retrieval methods, and apply reciprocal rank fusion for improved results. Tweet, Docs.
  • Router Fine-Tuning: We introduced router fine-tuning (V0) for improved LLM automated decision-making. Our approach achieved a 99% match rate, outperforming gpt-3.5’s 65% and the base model’s 12%. Tweet, Docs.
  • SQLRetriever: We introduce SQLRetriever, merging Text-to-SQL and RAG, enabling a RAG pipeline setup over SQL databases for structured table node retrieval and response synthesis. Tweet, Docs.

🗺️ Guides:

  • Tutorial guide on Building an Advanced Fusion Retriever from Scratch.

✍️ Tutorials:

⚙️ Integrations & Collaborations:

  • Gradient AI: We introduce a collaboration with Gradient AI to easily integrate fine-tuned LLMs into your LlamaIndex RAG pipeline. Tweet, Blogpost.
  • PrivateGPT: PrivateGPT partners with LlamaIndex allowing private document interactions using default or custom integrations. Tweet.
  • VectorFlow & LlamaHub Collaboration: VectorFlow’s open-source vector-embedding pipeline now leverages LlamaHub for data connectors to streamline code and reduce maintenance. Tweet.
  • Amazon Bedrock & AI21 Labs LLMs: We’ve broadened our LLM compatibility range by integrating with Amazon Bedrock LLMs and AI21 Labs LLMs.
  • DashVector: We have introduced an integration with DashVector, a robust, fully-managed vectorDB service.
  • Tencent Cloud: We’ve integrated with Tencent Cloud VectorDB.
  • PGVectorStore within LlamaIndex has been enhanced to support custom Postgres schemas. This facilitates better index management and promotes easy schema-based versioning.
  • We now accommodate custom models that align with the OpenAI-compatible API.

🎥 Webinars:

  • Wenqi Glantz workshop webinar on Evaluation-Driven Development (EDD).
  • Webinar showcasing the winning projects from the recent AGI House hackathon: “Build, Test, and Launch LLM Apps”. This event was co-sponsored by LlamaIndex, TruEra, and Pinecone.