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LlamaIndex Mar 18, 2024

LlamaIndex Accelerates Enterprise Generative AI with NVIDIA NIM

Generative AI is rapidly transforming the global economy. Enterprises are increasingly looking to adopt generative AI to drive business transformation, but face challenges around protecting IP, ensuring security and compliance, and moving smoothly from proof of concept to production.

That’s why LlamaIndex is excited to announce that it is integrated with NVIDIA NIM inference microservices to help enterprises seamlessly deploy generative AI at scale. NVIDIA NIM, part of the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform, optimizes inference on more than two dozen popular AI models from NVIDIA and its partner ecosystem.

LlamaIndex is an open-source tool for connecting your data to LLMs and extracting valuable insights. By integrating NVIDIA NIM runtimes with LlamaIndex’s data connection capabilities, enterprises will be able to:

  • Connect generative AI models hosted using NVIDIA NIM to their own proprietary data sources, allowing them to generate accurate model outputs while keeping sensitive data secure
  • Search across and extract insights from both structured and unstructured enterprise data to enhance the knowledge and accuracy of AI models
  • Build data-enriched generative AI applications for use cases like enterprise search, question answering, analytics, and more

For developers, using NVIDIA NIM with LlamaIndex provides a seamless path from experimentation to production. They can access the NIM microservices from the newly launched NVIDIA API catalog to quickly build AI applications using industry-standard protocols, and then easily transition those applications to work on their self-hosted NVIDIA NIM instance for enhanced security, customization, and cost effectiveness at scale.

The combination of NVIDIA NIM for optimized model inference and LlamaIndex’s data connection helps unlock the full potential of enterprise-level generative AI. We look forward to seeing the innovative applications that emerge from this integration as more organizations embrace AI to transform their business.

You can expect an in-depth technical blog post about how to use NVIDIA NIM and LlamaIndex very soon!